Have Pending Lawsuit Funds But Think You Need to Declare Bankruptcy? Don’t Even Think About it!

Look into pre-settlement funding first.

A pre-settlement funding company could be the answer you have been looking for. If you are an accident victim and are waiting for your pending lawsuit funds to settle do NOT file for bankruptcy until you read this article and assess all your options.

Let’s say you are overwhelmed with outstanding bills, credit card debt and you are so far behind on your rent or mortgage that the bank or the landlord will soon throw you out of your house or apartment. You are also worried that if you don’t win your pending lawsuit you will not have any money once the case settles. Are you thinking about just declaring bankruptcy and be done with all these debts?

Be careful. Learn about pre settlement funding first!

Declaring bankruptcy could be a huge mistake, especially if you have pending lawsuit funds that may be coming in over the year. Remember, you have been hurt in an accident and your lawyer is going to try to recover as much money as he can for you. Your settlement money very well may solve all of your financial problems. But, and it’s a big but, if you declare bankruptcy your creditors will probably try to take part or all of your settlement leaving little or nothing for you.

You are the one who was hurt in the accident and the settlement money after various fees should go to you. You are the one who suffered. Don’t let the creditors take that money from you. If you declare bankruptcy, they might be able to do just that. And, most likely they will probably try.

Even if you have overwhelming debts, it is better to work and negotiate with your creditors as Legal Capital has explained with our helpful hints for plaintiffs. Our pre-settlement funding company will help you get a cash advance at a low interest, meaning that you can get those pending lawsuit funds now. If you don’t win the case, you don’t have to pay them back. Better than bankruptcy? We think so.

Bankruptcy could be a huge mistake. Its better not to even think about it.

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