No Interest Cash Advance, Low Pricing: Legal Capital

Get a low no fee cash advance with Legal Capital

Legal Capital exists as an affordable alternative to other companies who charge high monthly compounding fees on cash advances.

Compounding interest can mean that if you take $1000 on a three-year basis with a $300 application fee, it will actually cost you $5,335 at the end of three years. Legal Capital strives to be affordable for accident victims and offers the most competitive pricing in the industry with our no interest cash advance.

Is my “No Interest Cash Advance” a loan? What hidden fees are involved?

With Legal Capital, you are not taking a loan. We call it an “advance” because you are selling a portion of your future proceeds from a successful conclusion to your case.

  • With Legal Capital you know your exact fee in advance and before you sign any agreement with us.
  • Your fee will never increase, no matter how long your case takes to settle.
  • We will even substantially discount the fee if your case settles before nine months.
  • With our low fee, no interest cash advance program, even if your case is unsuccessful, you owe us nothing.
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Our low flat fee, no interest cash advance program puts time on your side

You might be asking yourself, “What if my case takes longer than I think? Will it take just months or will it be a few years? A cash advance is a huge gamble, my money could just walk away in big interest charges.”

Thanks to our flat fee, no interest cash advance program, the time it takes for your case to settle is not an issue. It is your money; we help you keep as much as you can!

Most companies offering personal injury settlement advances charge monthly compound interest. Legal Capital only offers no interest cash advances. While the monthly percentage at these other companies may seem very low at first, the interest multiplies fast from month to month.

These companies cannot tell you an exact payback amount because it is constantly inflating every month your case goes unsettled. These costs can easily multiply out of control. Because of the always-rising interest rates of other companies, the Legal Capital Low Interest Cash Advance Program remains the most affordable option.

The Legal Capital Low Fee, No Interest Cash Advance Difference

Protect yourself so you don’t arrive at settlement day to learn that interest rates for a modest advance have robbed you of a major portion of your recovery money. We like to think of it as your insurance policy against out-of-control finance charges.

Learn about how you can get a low fee cash advance by calling or e-mailing Legal Capital today. All information is kept confidential.

The graph below clearly shows the advantage of Legal Capital’s flat-fee pricing.