It’s A No Interest Cash Advance: Legal Capital Offers Flat-fee Pricing.

Don’t Risk Your Proceeds with Mounting Interest Charges. Shift the Risk to Us.

What is flat-fee pricing?

It is very simple. Let’s say we you give you a $1,000 cash advance. Our fee would be $1,500  So, when you case is finally resolved, you would owe Legal Capital $2,500 ($1,000 plus $1,500). That figure will never change no matter how long your case takes to settle. Also, if your case settles sooner rather than later and Legal Capital is paid in less than 9 months, our fee will drop to $600 so you would owe Legal Capital only $1,600 ($1,000 plus $600). It’s just that simple and easy to understand.


See a price comparison in the graph below.

Legal Capital offers the safest and most affordable alternative to companies charging monthly interest on cash advances.

Monthly interest charges build faster than you can imagine.  Let’s say you need $1,000 for some necessary expenses and you select a company with low monthly interest rates.  They approve your request and offer you a seemingly reasonable monthly interest rate of 3.75% for repayment.  Maybe you miss the fine print that there is a processing fee or an application fee of $350.  You receive $1000 but your interest charges are now based on $1350.  If your case takes three years to settle, that $1000 will cost you $5100!  With Legal Capital’s flat-fee pricing,  there are no application or processing fees, and your cost would be $2500, less than half the amount charged by the company with “low” monthly interest charges. Legal Capital offers the most competitive pricing in the industry with our no interest cash advance.

Is my “No Interest Cash Advance” a loan? What hidden fees are involved?

See a price comparison in the graph below.

With Legal Capital, you are not taking a loan. We call it an “advance” because you are selling a portion of your future proceeds from a successful conclusion to your case.

  • With Legal Capital you know your exact fee in advance and before you sign any agreement with us.
  • There are no upfront extra charges, sometimes called application fees or processing fees.
  • Your fee will never increase, no matter how long your case takes to settle.
  • We will even substantially discount the fee if we are paid back before nine months.
  • We assume all the risk.  If you lose your case, you owe us nothing.
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Our low flat-fee, no interest cash advance pricing puts time on your side.

See a price comparison in the graph below.

You might be asking yourself, “What if my case takes longer than I think? Will it take just months or will it be a few years?” Thanks to our flat-fee, no interest cash advance, you do not have to worry about how long your case takes to settle. If your case takes ten months or ten years, our fee remains the same.  Put time on your side and get rid of that worry.

That is not the case with companies that charge interest. If you take a cash advance from a company charging interest you are taking a huge risk.  While the monthly percentage at these other companies may seem  low at first glance, remember that the interest cost increases each and every month. $1,000.00 could end up costing you $9,000.00 in interest charges in five years. Don’t take that chance!

These companies cannot tell you an exact payback amount because it is constantly inflating each month that your case goes unsettled. These costs quickly multiply out of control. Legal Capital’s No Interest Cash Advance Program remains your safest and most affordable option.

The Legal Capital Low Flat-Fee, No Interest Cash Advance Difference.

See a price comparison in the graph below.

Protect yourself so you don’t arrive at settlement day to learn that interest rates for a modest advance have robbed you of a major portion of your recovery money. We like to think of it as your insurance policy against out-of-control finance charges.

Learn about how you can get a low fee cash advance by calling or e-mailing Legal Capital today. All information is kept confidential.

The graph below clearly shows the advantage of Legal Capital’s flat-fee pricing.