Pre-Settlement Funding for Your Wrongful Death Case

Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding for Cases Near Chicago, IL and Nationwide

If you’ve lost a loved one due to the negligent actions of someone else, no award or settlement can make up for the incredible loss you’ve suffered. Wrongful death claims are intended to hold those responsible for your loss accountable for their negligence. In addition to filling the financial void left by your loved one’s passing, these lawsuits may help prevent a similar tragedy from happening to someone else.

Of course, the rest of life’s responsibilities and daily expenses don’t stop while you wait for your wrongful death lawsuit to settle. Adding financial distress to the emotional struggles you are already grappling with may feel overwhelming. We understand what a difficult time this is for you and your family. We can help you through this challenging experience with fast, simple pre-settlement cash advances to help you stay financially afloat while you wait for your case to settle.

Getting approved for no-risk pre-settlement funding couldn’t be easier. Simply complete our brief online application or call 866-254-1766 to start the process.

How Can Pre-Settlement Funding Help Me?

Infographic: Pre-Settlement Funding For Wrongful Death Lawsuits

In addition to the immense emotional anguish that accompanies the death of a loved one, you may likely face a number of immediate funeral, burial, and other end-of-life costs that must be paid for out-of-pocket. When your financial survival is tied to ongoing settlement negotiations or litigation, you may find yourself in a frightening position. Pre-settlement funding for your wrongful death lawsuit can help to ease your burden and cover a multitude of daily expenses, such as:

  • Food and groceries
  • Utility bills
  • Rent or mortgage
  • Childcare costs
  • Student loan payments or tuition
  • Automotive expenses
  • Prescription costs and medical bills
  • Outstanding or overdue bills

Pre-settlement funding can pay for these costs, and so much more. Once you receive your cash advance, the money is yours to spend however you’d like.

Infographic: Pre-settlement funding for wrongful death

What Is the Process for a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Cash Advance?

The pre-settlement lawsuit funding process through Legal Capital Corp was specially designed to be as quick and easy as possible. If you would like to get a cash advance while you wait for justice in your case, simply:

  • Complete our online application: You can complete our easy online application in less than a minute. Just answer a few basic questions about your case and provide us with your attorney’s contact information.
  • We contact your lawyer: Once we receive your application, we’ll ask your lawyer for a few documents. That’s it. Your lawyer will not need to fill out any lengthy forms, like with other funding companies. We know your attorney is busy, and we won’t waste his or her time.
  • Quick approval: We’ll approve or deny your pre-settlement funding as soon as we have all of the necessary information.
  • We send you funds: Once we approve your cash advance, you can expect to have the money in your hands within 24-48 hours.

Why Choose Legal Capital Corp for Wrongful Death Pre-Settlement Funding?

Beware of predatory lenders when choosing a pre-settlement funding company. There are many companies hoping to profit off your misfortune. At first glance, these lenders may seem affordable, but their compounding interest rates can ultimately put you in a worse position than when you started. In just five years of compounding interest, a $1,000 advance could end up costing you $9,000 in interest fees.

Legal Capital Corp is committed to helping those who have lost loved ones in wrongful death during their most difficult times. If your family member died because of someone’s careless or reckless actions, you deserve justice for your profound loss. You may face unpaid medical bills, funeral expenses, lost family income, and debilitating grief. We understand your fears and concerns, and strive to help you persevere through these challenges with dignity and peace of mind.

When you choose Legal Capital Corp for your wrongful death pre-settlement funding, you can expect:

  • A clearly stated agreement: Because we offer low, flat-fee pricing, we don’t need to hide behind fine print. You’ll know exactly what your affordable final payout will be, no matter how long it takes your case to resolve.
  • Capped fees: With Legal Capital Corp’s capped-fee-financing, not only can you rest assured that your pricing will never increase, no matter how long it takes your case to settle, but you may even have to pay less if your case resolves within nine months.
  • Quick approval: In matters of financial need, time is critical. As soon as we have the information we’ve requested, we will immediately approve or deny your application. Once you are approved, you can expect to have money in your hands within 24-48 hours.
  • No application fees: With zero application fees, it costs you nothing to find out if Legal Capital Corp can help you.
  • If you lose your case, you owe us nothing: That’s right. We assume all the risk. If your lawsuit is unsuccessful, you get to keep your cash advance and don’t owe us a penny.

Apply Now for Your Wrongful Death Pre-Settlement Cash Advance

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