Cash Advances on Legal Settlements

Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding for Cases Near Chicago, IL and Nationwide

October 10, 2019
Many people find themselves embroiled in a personal injury lawsuit at some point in their lives. These cases often leave plaintiffs unable to work due to the severity of their injuries. That puts a significant financial strain on victims and their families as these lawsuits can take months,… Read Full Post
October 01, 2019
Injuries can completely upend your life. When that injury is caused by someone else’s negligence, such as medical malpractice or an auto accident, you can pursue compensation through a personal injury claim. But your medical bills won’t wait for the settlement to come in or for a successful verdict… Read Full Post
August 21, 2019
Personal injury claims take time to reach a settlement or a successful verdict at trial. Injured plaintiffs face many struggles physically, psychologically, and financially. Legal Capital Corp works with plaintiffs and attorneys to provide modest cash advances to victims who are pursuing… Read Full Post
July 30, 2019
Everyone faces financial problems at least once in their lives, especially after an auto accident or other incident caused by someone’s negligence. Personal injury lawsuits can take quite a while to reach a settlement or successful verdict, which leaves injured victims and their families struggling… Read Full Post
June 25, 2019
Auto accidents upend your life in an instant. Injured victims are often left with severe, sometimes irreversible, physical and emotional trauma. You could be left without a vehicle due to the collision and unable to work while you recover from your injuries. Auto accident lawsuits can take years… Read Full Post
May 31, 2019
Personal injury lawsuits often involve large settlements to cover medical expenses, partial or permanent disability, and pain and suffering. The legal process can take months or years, which is why many plaintiffs seek a cash advance to help them cover rent and bills while they wait for their case… Read Full Post
May 21, 2019
Pursuing a personal injury settlement leaves injured victims in a vulnerable position. You may be strapped for cash and struggling to make ends meet while you or your family member recovers. Depending on the extent of your injuries, you could be looking at months of time off work to allow your body… Read Full Post
February 27, 2019
Regardless of your profession, workplace injuries can occur. While injuries at an autobody shop are likely to be more severe than that of a banker who spends more time in an office, job-related accidents can happen at any time and may change your quality of life forever. When you’re dealing with… Read Full Post
January 16, 2019
Personal injury lawsuits range from medical malpractice to severe injuries caused by auto accidents. Some of these settlements will be larger than others due to the details and documentation about the incident that caused you or a loved one harm. Legal Capital Corp works closely with your attorney… Read Full Post
November 13, 2018
Personal injury cases take time, but the victims involved in these claims face growing medical bills and may not be able to work due to their injuries. That financial strain is particularly difficult during the holiday season. Legal Capital Corp in Chicago can work with your injured client, so they… Read Full Post